Tens of thousands of people flock to Dorset for a unique and interesting holiday in the county each year, there are plenty of attractions and things to do to keep everyone occupied. Children, adults, teenagers, runners, walkers, ramblers, tourists, day visitors and more are all able to have the time of their life in Dorset. One of the most amazing features of Dorset and its coastline is the world-famous Lulworth Cove.

Walk five minutes in the right direction and you’ll find yourself in the quiet and relaxing village of West Lulworth. Our accommodation close to Lulworth Cove, Lulworth House, will provide you with the ideal base for exploring the area in your own time.

Why choose to come and visit Lulworth Cove from our accommodation at Lulworth House?

The beautiful, picture-perfect curved bay in Dorset is a trap for tourists. Whether they’re looking down from atop the hill or paddling in the sea, tourists love the welcoming sea and the intermittently sunny spells that invariably fall on this wonderful natural attraction.

Our accommodation close to Lulworth Cove has everything that you need for a serene and peaceful stay that feels miles away from the busy tourist areas in Dorset. You’ll only need to use your legs to get to every attraction around Lulworth Cove from our accommodation.

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