Durdle Door is a hugely popular natural landmark in Dorset and the south of England. With the coastal waters stretching out towards France and the Isle of Portland, it’s a perfect area for exploration.  

If you are ready to tackle the steep hills and make your way to the Man O War beach, paddleboard through Durdle Door or swim in the crystal-clear water, you will need somewhere to catch some well-deserved respite at the end of the day.

At Lulworth House we provide the ideal accommodation near Durdle Door that will give you the comfort that you need for your stay.

Whether you are coming to visit our tranquil area of West Lulworth in Dorset for a couple of days or you wish to book an off-season holiday with us, you’ll find affordable and convenient accommodation with us.

How to discover Durdle Door from Lulworth House?

The great wealth of opportunities in this area make sure that our rooms are popular for couples looking to explore this area.

From our location in West Lulworth we are just a short walk away from Lulworth Cove. Once you are here you will be able to make your way up and then down the Jurassic Coastal Path onwards to Durdle Door. Failing that, you can drive around the corner and park up at the top before you make your descent to the landmark.

To explore this exciting area at Lulworth House, choose our accommodation near Durdle Door.

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