The winter will leave us with a number of questions to answer as we gaze towards the future. When will the sun return? Will it ever stop raining? How are we going to celebrate the return of an acceptable temperature? These are indefinite questions for anyone living in the UK, but that shouldn’t stop us dreaming. If you are searching for somewhere to celebrate the return of warm weather in the spring of 2019, make sure you visit a place that can offer you beauty, peace and much more.

At Lulworth House our B&B by the Jurassic Coast has become a popular place for individuals and couples to spend for a weekend getaway or holiday in the UK. As one of the most amazing natural areas of beauty in the whole of England, our little section of Dorset could be perfect for you.

Three things to do from our B&B close to the Jurassic Coast:

1. Explore the Jurassic Coast: The sprawling pathway runs all the way along the coastline of Dorset in both directions from our B&B. Walk, run, cycle or drive to discover more.

2. Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door: Just a short walk from our B&B you will be able to find two of Dorset’s most treasured natural landmarks waiting for you.

3. Relax: It is underrated in the modern world but relaxing by the sea from our comfortable rooms could be just what you need.

To find out more about our B&B near to the Jurassic Coast, get in contact with us today.